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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Softgel Capsule Benefits In Natural Health And Pharmaceutical Products

Softgel Capsule Benefits In Natural Health And Pharmaceutical Products

Soft gels or soft gelatin capsules provide an nonpareil drug delivery vehicle for controlling significance and enhancing bioavailability of both insoluble and lipid - soluble compounds. In addition, soft gels offer many other key advantages and therapeutic benefits:

Ease of Swallowing


Dosage Precision

Uniformity and precision dosage


Semi - solids

Product Security

Dosage and composition are tamper - resistant ( a punctured or tampered softgels will leak or become discoloured )
Protection inveigh counterfeit

Product Stability

Sealed container
Protection from glassy for photosensitive formulations
Masking of objectionable odors and tastes
Protects drug from embers and degradation

Market Differentiation

Size, shape and crimson customization
Imprintability of capsules
Softgel technology

Softgel benefits of Biological and marketing advantage:

Better refuge of active ingredientshermetically sealed dosage form protects drug from campfire and degradation.
Improved lookout and bioavailability any formulations in softgel can enhance bioavailability or produce a quicker start of proposition.
Marketplace differentiationa halfway great panorama of shapes, sizes and shell colors helps your product temperament out from branded or generic competitors.
Consumer preferenceresults of studies done through the years show that consumers particular their outcome for softgels in terms of ease of swallowing, perceived clout of tongue, scarcity of destructive odor or taste, and present appearance.
Tamper evidencea punctured or mismatched tampered softgel will leak or become discolored, indicating a future problem.

Formulation characteristics:

Self - emulsifying / microemulsion vehicle systems
Liquid ( solution or suspension ) fills
Wide range of softgel - close vehicles ( hydrophilic / lipophilic )
Virtually unlimited selection of shapes, sizes and colors
Unique formulations leading to patentable line extensions
New technologies, including demiurgic shell forms and manufacturing techniques

Key advantages:

Enhanced bioavailability
Minimizes patient - to - patient variability
Possible lowered drug dosing
Excellent dose uniformity
Obvious evidence of tampering
Ability to solubilize a wide range of active ingredients
Maximizes drug loading
Extensive product alteration possibilities
Enhanced life - cycle management

By Nutralab Canada Ltd. ( www. nutralab. ca )

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